MultiGrip Pallet System

VersaBuilt’s MultiGrip Pallet System consists of MultiGrip Pallets and MultiGrip Pallet Jaws. MultiGrip Pallets are a solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum ready to be customized to hold virtually any part shape. MultiGrip Pallet Jaws are used with the MultiGrip Gripper and MultiGrip Vise to move MultiGrip pallets from a robot infeed into a CNC mill for processing. The MultiGrip Pallet System increases the flexibility of the MultiGrip system by providing an alternative to part-picking automation.

MultiGrip Pallets work best for applications where complex part geometry, such as castings or forgings, makes it challenging to pick parts from the infeed reliably. MultiGrip Pallets can also be used to group multiple small parts on a single pallet, increasing the automation system processing efficiency.

Switching from pallet processing to traditional part picking can be accomplished in minutes and without tools.

Integrate the MultiGrip Pallet System seamlessly with the Mill Automation System for a complete automation solution.


CAD models can be found on the Resources page
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