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We are Machinists and Engineers creating Automation Solutions for Machinists and Engineers.  We aim to make automation accessible to all, with affordable solutions for high-mix shops.

For 10+ years VersaBuilt has been dedicated to CNC Mill and Lathe Automation, with 150+ Mill and Lathe Automation Systems in the field across North America and in Europe.  VersaBuilt’s technology allows CNC manufacturers to deploy automation into their production facility in less time, at a lower initial cost, and with minimal time and cost to add new parts to the automation.

VersaBuilt’s patented MultiGrip™ hardware for Mills, innovative hardware for Lathes, and software technologies break down the cost barriers associated with traditional CNC automation deployment.

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The VersaBuilt Robotics was born out of the CNC production facility of Rekluse Motor Sports. Rekluse is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle clutches. Being successful in the aftermarket motorcycle clutch business requires making many different part numbers in small quantities, with large swings in volume due to seasonal demand. Recognizing that CNC operator labor was a constraint for the business, Rekluse management made the decision to pursue robotic CNC automation.

Working with a local robotics integrator, and starting with traditional robot grippers and CNC vises, the team was soon struggling. Trying to integrate the dozens of diverse part shapes that were candidates for robotic automation was proving to be more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive than anticipated.

One day, after a frustrating round of failures, one of the engineers asked, “Why can’t the robot and CNC vise use the same jaws?” After a round of glances with raised eyebrows, the discussion quickly moved to a whiteboard brainstorming session. The team recognized that if they could make a jaw system that was shared by both the robot and the CNC, they could truly generalize the integration of almost any part shape for automation.

After several months of R&D, the first version of MultiGrip jaws were put into production. With MultiGrip jaws, the team was soon integrating new parts for automation in hours instead of weeks. Patents for the new technology were filed.

The management team at Rekluse recognized that MultiGrip technology had applications far beyond the needs of Rekluse. In 2014, VersaBuilt, Inc. was formed as a new company to build automation products around the new MultiGrip jaw technology.

Today, VersaBuilt Robotics is a leading provider of automation technology targeted at high-mix CNC manufacturing. VersaBuilt automation technology is used by hundreds of manufacturing companies that have automated thousands of different part numbers.

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