CNC Lathe Automation System

Automate your CNC lathe machine with a standard automation system that requires no robot expertise

How The Lathe Automation System Increases Production

Has a labor shortage affected production output in your shop?

We understand that you are struggling to hire machinists or CNC operators. This is why we help machine shops mitigate operator labor shortages by increasing the productivity of their existing staff.

The CNC Lathe Automation System requires no robot programming. With the included training package, your existing team can use the Lathe Automation System like other tools in your shop; without relying on expensive robot system integrators, saving you time and money.

No Robot Programming Required

Easy-to-use automation software designed from the ground-up for CNC lathe automation. All robot motion is pre-programmed yet fully customizable. Simply enter part dimensions and CNC lathe program numbers, and enjoy the benefits of CNC automation. The VersaBuilt CNC Lathe Automation System is the easiest and most capable CNC machine tending system available.

Perfect for High Mix Production

Configuring new parts for automation has never been easier or faster—Perfect for high mix productions! The Lathe Automation System allows a machinist to configure a new part in just a few minutes. Using a web-based form, the machinist inputs part configuration parameters. Once the part configuration is saved, the CNC operator can select a saved part configuration, and the software will show the operator exactly where to load material onto the VersaCart. Once the material is loaded and the part quantity is entered, pressing the cycle start button begins the automation process.

Lathe Automation System
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DuoGripper: Maximize Productivity, Process any Part

VersaBuilt’s Dual-Headed Gripper increases processing efficiency by allowing the robot to unload a completed part and load the next part in a single motion inside the lathe. Single gripper systems require the robot to come out of the CNC and travel back to the infeed to exchange parts, and then all the way back to the lathe chuck, wasting valuable time and money. VersaBuilt’s Dual-Headed Gripper allows the robot to unload a completed part and load the next part in a single motion inside the lathe, increasing processing efficiency, system utilization, and profitability.

VersaBuilt’s DuoGripper dedicates one gripper to the raw material and one gripper to the finished part. Each gripper can be precisely adapted to optimally grip both the raw material and the finished part, allowing the Lathe Automation System to process virtually any part easily and reliably.

Ready To Produce In 1 Day

The whole CNC Lathe Automation System can be installed and running parts in just one day. Our system is a ready-to-go product made by machinists for machinists to get your automation running faster than any other automation system available.

Lathe Automation System
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Quality In-Depth Training And Support

The CNC Lathe Automation System includes in-depth training courses tailored to the operator, machinist, and installer. The classes will take place over a video conference call and will typically last one to two hours each. This training will get your team and new system ready to automate as soon as possible.

VersaBuilt customers typically report a doubling of production output using half the labor.

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