Robot2CNC Basic Edition

Robot2CNC is a small industrial computer that sits inside your CNC’s control cabinet and provides a ethernet control interface for any robot that has ethernet TCP/IP support. The Robot2CNC interface is simple and remains the same for all supported CNCs. For Universal Robots, programming is greatly simplified with the included URCap. Other brands of robots can use Robot2CNC by making a TCP/IP connection to the robot and issuing simple text-based commands. By allowing the robot to select the CNC program number within the automation, both robot and CNC programming are simplified and the chance for expensive operator errors during change over are reduced.


  • Select and change CNC programs from the robot
  • Cycle-start CNC from the robot
  • Verify CNC program completes successfully or generates an error
  • Common interface to all supported CNC controls simplifies programming
  • Bi-directional communication with CNC programs via CNC macro variable read/write functions for custom programming
  • Includes URCap to simplify programming with Universal Robots
  • New: Haas Cell Safe Signal support simplifies actuation of lathe chucks and tailstocks
  • New: Simplified network configuration reduces setup time
  • New: Updated URCap allows setup without a laptop

Ordering Information

Robot2CNC Haas CNC New Generation Control $799
Robot2CNC Haas CNC Legacy Control $799
Robot2CNC Robot2CNC Okuma CNC $1399
Robot2CNC Fanuc CNC $1199

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