MultiGrip Gripper

The MultiGrip Gripper is a pneumatic, long-travel gripper incorporating the MultiGrip Jaw interface. The MultiGrip Gripper works with the MultiGrip Vise and MultiGrip Jaws to deliver more capability for CNC milling automation. Instead of picking parts directly, the MultiGrip Gripper unloads MultiGrip jaws from a MultiGrip vise and uses the MultiGrip Jaws to pick parts for processing.

Leveraging the vise jaws for part transfer offers significant advantages for CNC automation:

  • Eliminates the need to duplicate part workholding for both the robot gripper and CNC
  • Allows machinist to easily create optimal part workholding in the CNC
  • Supports more complex part shapes than traditional robot part grippers
  • Generalized Op to Op part transfer
  • Lowest cost of new part introduction to automation in the industry
  • Faster part change-over
  • Increased automation reliability
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