VersaBlast In-CNC Part and Jaw Cleaning System

The VersaBlast In-CNC Part and Jaw Cleaning System uses an air amplifier to generate a powerful blast of air from your shop air supply to remove chips and coolant from MultiGrip Jaws and parts. After unloading MultiGrip Jaws from a MultiGrip Vise, the MultiGrip Jaws must be cleaned before the jaws are reloaded into the MultiGrip Vise. VersaBlast is mounted inside the CNC to contain chips and coolant and includes a mounting bracket with powerful magnets that attaches VersaBlast securely to the sheet metal inside of the CNC. VersaBlast includes everything necessary to integrate VersaBlast into your CNC automation system including pneumatic valving, pneumatic hose with push-to-connect fittings.


  • Amplifies volume of shop air by up to 25x to clean MultiGrip Jaws quickly and thoroughly
  • Universal mounting bracket allows VersaBlast to be mounted inside the CNC using powerful rare-earth magnets

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VersaBuilt VersaBlast
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