The VersaCart is sized to provide a generous infeed area yet is compact enough to fit in even the most crowded CNC spaces. The VersaCart 1300 is CNC laser cut and formed from powder-coated steel for precision, durability, and long life. The Visual Infeed System allows for fast easy part alignment by the operator for pickup by the robot. The lower shelf provides storage for the robot controller and may also be used to store MultiGrip Jaws. The VersaCart 1300 is mounted on a heavy-duty caster for portability and includes leveling feet to secure the VersaCart into position in front of the CNC.

Visual Infeed

The VersaCart Visual Infeed System is a laster-cut stainless steel plate that bolts to the top of the VersaCart. A 2″ by 2″ alignment grid makes it easy for an operator to quickly and accurately align material to be processed by the robot. The grid pattern works well for both rectangular and round shapes. For non-uniform shapes, the Visual Infeed System can be removed in just a few minutes and replaced with custom laser-cut part locators.

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