MultiGrip Workholding System

MultiGrip provides faster change-over than other types of automation workholding, saving valuable labor and making it easy to justify adding lower volume parts to the automation system. And only MultiGrip has a simple, effective solution to the difficult problem of Op 1 to Op 2 transfer in CNC milling automation.

Automating Op 1 and Op 2 together results in improved part quality, longer automation run times, and more production with less labor.
When you buy into VersaBuilt’s MultiGrip system, you are gaining the support and experience of a team with more than 50 years of combined experience automating high-mix CNC production and committed to your success.

MultiGrip Product Line

MultiGrip Vise

MultiGrip Vise is a highly adaptable and efficient tool that can help streamline manufacturing processes and increase output.

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MultiGrip Gripper

MultiGrip Gripper can help increase efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes while reducing downtime and errors.

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MultiGrip Jaws

MultiGrip Jaws are vise jaws that are used to pick, place, and transfer parts between CNC operations. There are a variety of sizes and options available such as Pallet Jaws and Universal Top jaws

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