MultiGrip Technology

Invented by Machinists for Machinists, MultiGrip is VersaBuilt’s patented technology.   MultiGrip is:

  • Quick-change workholding for manual tending
  • Workholding as the gripper in automated machine tending, enabling:
    • High-Mix CNC Mill automation solutions
    • Part flipping without a regrip or flip station 

MultiGrip Technology includes:

With VersaBuilt’s MultiGrip system, gain the support and experience of a team with more than 10 years of automating high-mix CNC production, hundreds of automation deployments, and tens of thousands of part applications.  We are committed to your success.

MultiGrip Product Line

MultiGrip Vise

MultiGrip Vise is a highly adaptable and efficient tool that can help streamline manufacturing processes and increase output.

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MultiGrip Gripper

MultiGrip Gripper can help increase efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes while reducing downtime and errors.

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MultiGrip Jaws

MultiGrip Jaws are vise jaws that are used to pick, place, and transfer parts between CNC operations. There are a variety of sizes and options available such as Pallet Jaws and Universal Top jaws

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