Robot2CNC Mill Edition

A CNC mill automation system requires robot to CNC integration, vise control, an automatic door, blow-off, and perhaps a gripper. You can spend days putting together a custom solution or you can buy a pre-built, tested, supported, and ready to run solution from VersaBuilt.

Robot2CNC Mill Edition provides bi-directional CNC communication, CNC cycle start and the pneumatic and IO subsystem to implement virtually any CNC automation application. A URCap plug-in allows any Universal Robot to control all devices through drag and drop teach pendant programming.

Robot2CNC Mill Edition provides more capability while saving time and money.


  • Select and change CNC programs and cycle-start the CNC from the robot
  • Verify CNC program completes successfully or generates an error
  • Supports up to three CNC vises, two robot grippers, part blow-off and pneumatic door opener
  • Common interface to all supported CNC controls simplifies programming
  • Included CNC sub-programs allow the CNC to open/close the vises
  • Bi-directional communication with CNC programs via CNC macro variable read/write functions for custom programming
  • Includes URCap to simplify programming with Universal Robots
  • New: Haas Cell Safe Signal support simplified actuation of lathe chucks and tailstocks

Ordering Information

Robot2CNC Mill Edition $4995

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