MultiGrip Base and Top Jaws

VersaBuilt’s MultiGrip Base Jaws and Top Jaws work together and are the most popular jaw system we sell. The Base Jaws and Top Jaw system provides better part holding and reduces the cost to integrate new parts for automation. Most VersaBuilt customers use a single set of MultiGrip Base Jaws per vise and swap in Top Jaws as needed for each application.

MultiGrip Base Jaws are available in OD Jaw clamping versions only. MultiGrip Top Jaws are available in OD 1”, 1.5”, and 2” thickness (each top jaw is 3.9” W x 6” L, making a total Left + right jaw area of 8” x 6” when clamping on a part) and oversized top jaws (each oversized top jaw is 4.9” W x 8” L x 1.5” H, making a total Left + right jaw area of 10” x 8” when clamping on a part). OD Top Jaws include an aluminum 1/8” spacer used to machine jaw pocket. ID jaws require an ID clamping fixture available separately.

MultiGrip Base Jaws includes three interfaces:

1. MultiGrip Vise Interface

2. MultiGrip Gripper Interface

3. Top jaw Interface



MultiGrip Vise Interface allows the jaws to be accurately and securely held by the vise simply by clamping on the MultiGrip Base Jaws.

MultiGrip Gripper Interface allows a robot with the VersaBuilt MultiGrip Gripper to unload the MultiGrip Base jaws from a vise, pick, place, or transfer parts, and then load the MultiGrip Base jaws back to the vise for processing.

Top Jaw interface allows part-specific soft jaws or VersaBuilt Universal Jaw accessories to be snapped into place as dictated by the automation application.

MultiGrip Base Jaws can be hand-loaded by an operator or robot loaded in a MultiGrip-based automation system.

A MultiGrip Load Tool is available separately to ease hand-loading of MultiGrip Base Jaws on a MultiGrip vise. The MultiGrip Jaw Load Tool is used to aid the manual loading and unloading of MultiGrip Jaws to/from MultiGrip Vises without the need to squeeze OD Jaws or pry ID Jaws. Save your muscles and joints by using the MultiGrip Jaw Load Tool.

CAD models can be found on the Resources page
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