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Addressing the Challenges: Why Machine Shop Owners Struggle to Find and Retain Skilled Operators

At VersaBuilt Robotics, a leading provider of robotic solutions for machine shops, we have closely observed the challenges machine shop owners face when it comes to finding and retaining skilled machine operators. Our experience in the industry has shed light on the underlying factors contributing to this struggle. In this article, we will provide valuable…

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Getting Your CNC Operators to Accept a Robot

As automation becomes increasingly prevalent in machine shops, company leaders need to understand its effects on their employees and how to properly navigate challenging conversations with their machinists and operators. We will examine how the integration of robotics in machine shops affects your employees and automation’s impact on their job security and provide insights on…

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Why a Downturn is the Best Time to Automate Your CNC

During the red-hot demand manufacturers experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on immediate challenges and priorities was natural. However, now that the market has cooled, many manufacturers feel the effects of a decrease in demand. Now, more than ever, it's critical to consider long-term strategies for success.  The best way to future-proof your company is…

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How to Optimize Your CNC Operator in a Tight Labor Market

In today's tight labor market, it can be challenging for manufacturers to find and retain skilled workers to operate their CNC machines. This is especially true in industries that rely heavily on CNC technology, such as aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. One solution to this problem is to incorporate robotics into the CNC process. …

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MultiGrip in Action

Challenges of Multi-Operation Parts for CNC Mill Automation

Multi-operation parts are challenging for CNC milling automation, requiring the automation system to flip the part over for the CNC to produce a finished part. The challenges of multi-operation parts constrain manufacturers to specific negative effects that limit the productivity and practicality of automating multi-operation parts using traditional robot grippers. Versabuilt’s MultiGrip Gripper solves the…

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Robotic CNC Automation Advantages and Challenges (Is it worth it?)

Are the challenges and costs associated with adding automation to your manfacting process worth it?

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Mill Automation Enables Lights-Out Production for Machine Shop

Innovative Fabrication leveraged The Mill Automation System to fill labor gaps and increase revenue by over 20% Customer Profile VersaBuilt Automation Systems in Action at Innovative Fabrication. Project Requirements The customer needs to be able to integrate their own parts into the automation system with the workforce they have, and without significant training The solution…

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Top 5 Mistakes Machine Shops Make Implementing Automation 

Automation is finally at the forefront of CNC manufacturing trends. Lack of labor is the main driver for automation today. For years, the justification for automation was almost always based entirely on financial return. Post-Covid, not only has labor become more expensive, but it may also not be available at all. For many CNC manufacturers,…

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The Most Effective Quality Tool Most Machine Shops Have Never Heard Of

In 2005, Rekluse Motorsports was growing like mad. A new batch of high-performance, 4-stroke, off-road motorcycles fueled that growth. New bike models meant new part numbers and we quickly grew into manufacturing hundreds of unique parts that made their way into dozens of different products. All of that growth caused a lot of growing pains.…

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