CNC Automation for Universal Robots


  • MultiGrip™ for Universal Robots
  • Robot2CNC
  • Haas CNC Communication Kits for Universal Robots
  • VB Controls
  • Universal CNC Door Opener
  • Vise Air Pressure Regulator (Coming Soon)
  • Tool & Part Air Knife Clean Off Kit (Coming Soon)



The MultiGrip™ system is built upon the WORLDS ONLY gripper for CNC Machine Automation. With MultiGrip™ Fingers and MultiGrip™ Jaws,  any part shape with one or more machining operations can seamlessly work with your Universal Robot to fast-track automation.



VersaBuilt Robotics Robot2CNC products provide a simple and flexible interface for connecting Machine Tending Automation to CNCs. Each CNC specific kit comes with everything needed to get up and running including:

  • Robot2CNC appliance
  • CNC specific connection cables (ethernet / serial)
  • Ethernet cable for connecting to the Universal Robot
  • Cycle start cables and instructions on how to connect
  • Software to enable CNCs to talk to the Robot2CNC
  • URCap for communication to Robot2CNC
  • Appliance ships pre-licensed so its ready to integrate

Robot2CNC Highlights:

  • Web page interface for setup
  • Cross CNC compatibility
  • Enables Automation of Mixed-Part Manufacturing
  • Isolation testing
    • Run CNC without Universal Robot
    • Run robot without CNC
  • Published text-based API
  • Read and write common variables

Robot2CNC currently supports the following CNCs:

  • Fanuc Focas 2.0 based controllers
  • Haas Legacy (Classic) controllers
  • Haas NGC controllers
  • Okuma OSP-P300 mills


Haas Communication Kit

VersaBuilt’s Haas CNC Communication URCap  is a simple yet powerful solution for machine tending applications with Universal Robots. The URCap enables Universal Robots to easily execute any machining program stored on a Haas CNC. The VersaBuilt Haas CNC URCap maintains all Haas safety interlock features and works with VersaBuilt and other third-party automatic door openers.
  • Run CNC programs using the teach pendant (robot program)
  • Execute multiple machining programs
  • Initiate cycle start
  • Easy user interface
  • MultiGripcompatible
  • HAAS CNC System Requirements: 
    • User definable macros
    • Machine data collection +2004


VB Controls

VB Controls URCap allows for faster, cleaner, and simpler coding of the Universal Robot. The URCap enables the programmer to create a script and save it as a device. The device function is then called in the main program without the need to define it each time its used. 

VB Controls Highlights:

  • Less lines of code in the main program
  • No need to rewrite the same function each time you use it
  • Saves to the install for use with multiple robot programs
  • Ability to control IOs and any other scripting functions
  • Adds the ability to be nested inside subprograms

Example uses:

  • End of arm control
  • CNC door open/close
  • Vise open/close
  • Vise air pressure regulation
  • Gripper/Vise settle sequence



Universal CNC Door Opener

The VersaBuilt Robotics Universal CNC Door Opener is a simple cost effective solution for automating the CNC door for machine tending. No need to waste robot motion or programming time to use the robot to control the door. The provided VB Controls URCap and example program allow quick and easy setup of the Universal CNC Door Opener.

Door Opener Highlights:

  • Works on single and double door CNCs
  • In-stock and ready to ship
  • Long lifetime - tested to over 275,000 cycles
  • Range of cylinder travel available to accommodate different door openings
  • Included air pressure regulator limits force to safe levels
  • Door float allows manual operation

Universal Door Opener Kit includes:

  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Installation manual
  • Mounting hardware
  • Solenoid valve
  • IO Connection for Universal Robots control box
  • Universal Robots URCap
  • Sample UR Robot Program
MultiGrip Gripper V2 for UR - mirror - 012
URCap-Haas CNC