CNC Automation for Universal Robots


  • MultiGrip™ for Universal Robots
  • CNC Communication Drivers for Universal Robots


MultiGrip™ Highlights

The MultiGrip™ system is built upon the WORLDS ONLY gripper for CNC Machine Automation. With MultiGrip™ Fingers and MultiGrip™ Jaws,  any part shape with one or more machining operations can seamlessly work with your Universal Robot to fast-track automation.


Communication Driver Highlights

VersaBuilt’s Haas CNC Communication URCap  is a simple yet powerful solution for machine tending applications with Universal Robots. The URCap enables Universal Robots to easily execute any machining program stored on a Haas CNC. The VersaBuilt Haas CNC Communication URCap maintains all Haas safety interlock features and works with VersaBuilt and other third-party automatic door openers.
  • Select CNC programs using the teach pendant
  • Execute multiple machining programs
  • Open and close CNC door
  • Initiate cycle start
  • Easy user interface
  • MultiGripcompatible
  • HAAS CNC System Requirements: 
    • User definable macros
    • Machine data collection +2004





MultiGrip Gripper V2 for UR - mirror - 012
URCap-Haas CNC