Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson, President and Owner ~ Gem Chain Bar

"The VBX‑160 allows us to run lights-out. This is helping our company cope with growing pains. The available workforce in our area is very small and mostly unskilled in the abilities that we need. The VBX‑160 allows us to produce more quality parts with our existing personnel. A real plus for our company. The VersaBuilt personnel have been excellent to work with. They provide great attention to detail and are very interested in our continued growth and success."


Stefán Örn Kristjánsson, Manufacturing Engineering Manager ~ Össur

"We purchased a VBX‑160 in December. After setting up the VBX‑160 the system has performed extremely well and is helping us increase the efficiency in our production. It‘s easy to use and has a small footprint - both of which were critical requirements for us. The support from VersaBuilt has also been outstanding."

 2A Armament

Steve Fitz, General Manager ~ 2A Armament

"The VersaBuilt Robotics team has been great to work with excellent customer service and very responsive to integrating the VBX‑160 into our manufacturing line. Their system works as intended and has increased our utilization substantially. We expect to continue our business relationship going forward."

Airlift Performance

Kelly Parker, Manufacturing Engineering Manager ~ Airlift Performance

"We found VersaBuilt Robotics after hours of researching for an Automated Tend Solution. The VBX-160 system has eliminated set-up and changeovers for all our products machined in this cell. This truly is a S.M.E.D. solution. The VBX-160 allows us to continue running after hours and in the first year has improved overall utilization by 30%-40%. VersaBuilt Robotics MultiGrip™ system gives us total control over our machined products eliminating the need and costs from an external integrator. Implementation was less than 3 days! VersaBuilt Robotics' customer service being nothing short of exemplary during the process. We’re proud to have the first VBX-160 in Michigan."