Automation ready workholding for CNC manufacturing

Product Overview

VersaBuilt's patented MultiGrip™ technology enables CNC machining automation for all, including high-mix/low-volume environments.  The MultiGrip™ family of products includes:

  • MultiGrip™ Jaws - Workholding with a vise and gripper interface
  • MultiGrip™ Vises - Pneumatic actuating vises with jaw interface
  • MultiGrip™ Gripper - Robot gripper with MultiGrip™ interface

MultiGrip™ combines CNC workholding with the robot gripper, unlocking the capability of automation to pick and place any part, process parts requiring multi-operation machining, and switch to different parts without requiring setup change or manual intervention.

MultiGrip™ is also available as a standalone, quick-change workholding solution that is automation ready. MultiGrip™ has the lowest set-up time of any quick change vise jaw system in the industry.

When you’re ready to step up to full automation, MultiGrip™ Jaws are ready for your robot. MultiGrip™ is available in a vise configuration for CNC milling centers and in a chuck configuration for CNC lathes. Contact VersaBuilt to determine that right solution for your equipment.

There is simply no better work holding solution for your CNC machining center.

MultiGrip™ Datasheet

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