Universal Machine Tender

Product Overview

The VersaBuilt VBX‑160 represents a new category of machine tending products. It requires no robot programming, no robot teach pendant, no custom robot grippers and no special training. Designed for high part mix manufacturing environments, the VBX‑160 can automatically tend virtually any part shape thanks to our patent-pending MultiGrip jaws. The VBX‑160 is the ultimate automation solution for all of your CNC tending needs.



VBX-160 with ABB

VBX-160 with Fanuc


  • Dramatically decrease labor costs
  • Tend multi-op parts robotically
  • Enables lights out manufacturing (24/7 operation)
  • Automatically changes CNC and robot workholding
  • Process multiple part numbers in a single load without operator intervention
  • Robots are fully pre-integrated, no robot programming required
  • Efficiently process batch quantities from 5 to 50,000 pieces
  • Typical job set up time is less than 15 minutes
  • Email alerts can notify operator remotely when an action is ready to be performed
  • Easily introduce new parts for automation
  • Ideal for high part mix manufacturing environments


VBX‑160 Included Features


The VersaBuilt MultiGrip end-of-arm tool attaches to a robot arm giving the robot the ability to pick and place MultiGrip jaws.


Shelf System

The VBX‑160 uses a flexible shelving system for storing MultiGrip jaws and parts for processing. The VBX‑160 can be configured to hold between 2 and 16 sets of MultiGrip jaws. Parts are stored on the shelves below the MultiGrip jaws. A VBX‑160 may be configured for between 6 and 16 shelves for part storage. Part locators allow an operator to reliably and accurately place parts on shelves for the robot to pick. Part locators snap into place for fast part changeovers. Part locators for many standard part shapes are available directly from VersaBuilt. Custom locators available upon request.

Manual - Shelf Locators (Part Profile) 


VBX Controller

The VBXC manages the operation of the VBX‑160. The machinist configures and stores parts in the VBXC. Operators can easily call up stored part configurations for processing. The VBXC provides advanced capabilities for configuring shelf pick density, specifying vise clamping pressure on a per operation basis and a recovery system that helps operators restore the system after an error occurs.

VBX Controller

Gate and Pivot Posts

The Gate and Pivot Post for the VBX‑160 provides the ability to pivot the VBX‑160 away from the CNC for easy access to the robot and CNC machine for routine maintenance or hand loading the CNC.


Access Doors with Safety Sensors

VBX‑160 comes with three access doors that provide operator access to the robot, MultiGrip jaws, and to load raw material and remove finished parts. These doors have safety sensors connected that provide for safe operation of the VBX‑160 and immediately stop the robot if triggered. Once a door is closed, the operator presses the cycle start button to continue processing.


VBX‑160 Optional Features

Wash Bucket

The integrated rinse and dry system cleans and dries parts and MultiGrip jaws, minimizing chip and coolant clean up. Must have for machining with coolant.


Milling Vises

Our patent-pending MultiGrip Vises clamp onto the end of arm soft jaws, transfering them from the robot to the CNC. This allows the robot to quickly and automatically change out the CNC workholding, load and unload parts, and perform multi-op transfers.


Lathe Chuck

MultiGrip capability for lathes and specialty mill-turn machines. Requires lathe-specific mounting kit sold separately. Contact VersaBuilt for more information about adapting a MultiGrip Chuck to your CNC lathe.