Cutting Tool Engineering

CNC Automation: Should We? Myths and debates swirl around the questions of using robots to automate CNC operations. From “Should we automate?” and “Can we automate?” to “How should we automate?” Are they true or not? Let’s look at a few of the most-discussed topics regarding robotic CNC automation. Read More

Automation for High-Mix CNC Manufacturing: What are My Options? When I’m visiting CNC operations around the country, shop managers often start our conversations like this, “Labor is killing us. We can’t find enough good operators and we’re losing some of our experienced operators to competitors. Read More

Modern Machine Shop

Modern Machine Shop

Adaptable Automation! A system for automatically swapping both workpieces and workholding enables a robot-loaded VMC to be quickly reconfigured for a new or modified job. The same system lets the robot change jobs in the midst of an unattended run. Read More

Robot Changes Vise Jaws for Continuous Machining! If a robot can load and unload parts, why can’t it do the same for workholding? Here is video of a robot changing the vise jaws so the same machining center can run different operations in unattended machining. Read More

PM Production Machining

PM Production Machining

High-Mix Low-Volume Turning Applications: Why Automate? Turning shops are familiar with automation for high-volume work, but the shifting landscape to smaller batch sizes has created new challenges. Read More

VBX-160 Powers CNC Manufacturing in Multiple Industries! VersaBuilt Robotic’s VBX-160 robotic parts loader uses the FANUC LR Mate 200iD/7L robot and has MultiGrip technology... Read More

Flexible Automation on a VMC: Robot loading and unloading of the workholding that is used in the machining center facilitates the ability to change jobs during an unattended run. Read More