MultiGrip Robot Grippers

MultiGrip Robot Grippers are a patented tool exchanging gripper designed specifically for CNC automation. Instead of using gripper fingers that bolt onto the gripper, MultiGrip Robot Grippers have an interface for picking and placing MultiGrip Tools. MultiGrip Tools include MultiGrip Fingers and MultiGrip Jaws. MultiGrip Fingers allow a MultiGrip Robot Gripper to pick and place parts like a traditional gripper but allow for more flexibility with the ability to exchange MultGrip Fingers during the automation process. MultiGrip Jaws allow a robot with a MultiGrip Gripper to use the MultiGrip Jaws to pick and place parts, load the MultiGrip Jaws and part into a MultiGrip CNC vise for machining and perform a part transfer from a first operation CNC vise to a second operation CNC vise.


  • Tool exchanging gripper increases process flexibility, reliability and simplifies programming
  • Automatic robot change over of CNC workholding
  • Robot is able to use the best tool for the automation process

Please contact me with more information about MultiGrip Products.

VersaBuilt MG Robot Grippers
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