MultiGrip FJ Vise

MultiGrip FJ Vise

The MultiGrip FJ Vise is the first vise designed and built by VersaBuilt and optimized for MultiGrip workholding. Incorporating one fixed jaw and one moveable jaw, the MultiGrip FJ Vise has better repeatability and provides a consistent datum that allows tighter part tolerances to be held during manual or automated processing. Incorporating a simple direct actuation mechanism, the MultiGrip FJ Vise has substanially lower cracking pressure than traditional pneumatic vises allowing for precise pressure control of delicate parts. For heavy machining, the MultiGrip FJ Vise's Massive Pneumatic Piston and Quad Steel Guide Shafts offer superior rigidity and clamping force.


  • Pneumatically actuated fixed-jaw vise with 12mm of travel
  • MultiGrip jaw interface for quick-change of vise jaws by operator or robot
  • Repeatability of 0.0004”
  • Precision machined from durable steel and hard-anodized aluminum components for maximum strength and long life
  • 2" Diameter Turned Ground Polished Guide Shafts provide outstanding rigidity while accurately guiding the moveable jaw
  • All guide shafts protected with rod wipers to prevent intrusion of chips and coolant into vise
  • 4550 pounds of total clamping force at shop air pressure of 125psi
  • Up to 9100 pounds of total clamping force using a pressure doubler at 250psi
  • Minimum total clamping force of 350 pounds at 10psi
  • In-line mounting holes allows for more flexible vise placement without a sub-plate
  • Available MultiGrip Vise Hand Valve Kit allow for easy operator loading with a center position for robot control

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