VersaDoor Sensor Kit

The VersaDoor Sensor Kit allows a robot to detect and verify the position of the VersaDoor. Without the VersaDoor Sensor Kit, robot processing becomes delayed as the robot must wait extra time to ensure door actuation is complete. If door acutation fails, the robot could hit the CNC door causing damage. With the VersaDoor sensor kit, the robot knows exactly when the door finishes opening or closing improving cycle time and preventing a possible crash with the CNC door. The robot can even monitor the door actuation time and notify the operator that the CNC door may need cleaning or other service if door actuation time increases. For Universal Robots, the included URCap integrates with the VersaDoor Sensor Kit simplifying robot programming.


  • Allows robot to detect door open and door closed position
  • Mounts on pneumatic cyclinder simplifying installation and increasing reliability
  • Included URCap simplifies robot programming for Universal Robots

Ordering Information

VersaDoor Sensor Kit – Single  $495
VersaDoor Sensor Kit – Double  $990

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VersaBuilt Door Sensor Kit
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