CNC Mill Automation System


The CNC Mill Automation System mitigates operator labor shortages by increasing the productivity of your existing staff. Custom automation solutions built by robot system integrators often leave you dependent on the integrator to add new parts for automation; an expensive and time-consuming proposition. The Mill Automation System is a Standard Automation System that requires no robot expertise or robot programming to use. A Mill Automation System with MultiGrip automation work holding allows your machinists to easily add new parts just by cutting vise soft jaws. Changing between jobs takes just minutes, maximizing equipment and operator productivity. If your CNC parts can be held with a vise, they can almost certainly be automated with a Mill Automation System.

CNC Mill Automation System Contents

  • VersaCart 1300 Robot Cart with Visual Infeed System
  • MultiGrip Robot Gripper
  • Two MultiGrip Vises with hand valve for operator manual loading
  • VersaBuilt System Controller
  • MultiGrip Jaw Starter Kit
  • VersaBlast In-CNC Part and Jaw Cleaning System
  • All pneumatic valving and air lines
  • One-on-one training for operators and machinists
  • Detailed instructions and online videos
  • VersaBuilt Support Team to ensure your success

CNC Door Openers

VersaDoor Single Door 24″ $995
VersaDoor Single Door 30″ $1095
VersaDoor Single Door 40″ $1295
VersaDoor Double Door 48″ $1595

Door Sensor Kits

VersaDoor Sensor Kit Single $495
VersaDoor Sensor Kit Double $990


Z Push Tool $95
Y Push Tool $95

Please contact me with more information about VersaBuilt CNC Mill Automation.

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CNC Mill Automation Data Sheet

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