CNC Automation Tech: MultiGrip FJ Vise

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  • Al Youngwerth

The MulitGrip FJ vise for CNC Mills was designed with these features:

  • Lower Cost – We wanted a clean sheet design with a lower cost. Many of the vises we were seeing were selling for around $8000. When you put two of those in aa CNC machine, that’s a big cost. We wanted to design a vise that is more affordable.
  • Less maintenance – In many of the vises we saw chips sneaking in which creates more maintenance time.
  • Better Repeatability – The fixed jaw design of this vise is what most machinists are used to and provides for better repeatability. You always have a datum from which to work.
  • Lower Cracking Pressure – This vise has a large, direct acting piston that uses no mechanical leverage. This gives us a lower cracking pressure of around 10PSI. This vise can handle parts that are big and rigid down to parts that are very delicate.

The MultiGrip FJ vise has rigid construction features. The MulitGrip FJ Vise is designed to be an absolute beast!  It starts as a solid, 28-pound block of aluminum.  It is milled in a 5-axis CNC with very precise dimensions from top to bottom.  All the critical dimensions are machined in one op.  We went with a massive direct-acting massive piston which gives us a clamping pressure that is around 10 percent higher than other clamping vises. The vise is all hard anodized aluminum with steel on all the important replaceable wear surfaces. The MuliGrip FJ Vise can also be taken apart and reassembled in about 20 minutes with standard tools.

This vise utilizes the VersaBuilt MultiGrip working holding system.  The MulitGrip system, especially when used with the VersaBuilt Mill Automation kit can transform almost ANY CNC operation.

To see a quick demonstration of the MultiGrip system AND pricing features, click HERE

Author: Al Youngwerth
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